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Emotional awareness is hard.

Posted by R S on


There is me, and then there is the better me that I know I can be. If I close my eyes I can see her eating better and exercising, or at least stretching, everyday. She has better posture and takes the five minutes she can afford each day to learn Spanish on a currently untouched app.

It can be very discouraging to want a slightly better self but not find the motivation to make improvements. 'Maybe tomorrow' tends to creep into our minds and our patterns of good-enough continues. Only since starting to take an objective view on my emotions have I slowly been growing to understand how much our mental health plays a part in building a healthier lifestyle.

Observing your own emotions isn't easy, due to how distracting the rawness of emotions such as anger or sadness can be. We let it take over and we react to the situation in a way that is guided by those emotions.

Start training your brain by just taking notice of your emotional reactions. When you find yourself steaming at a partner or jealous of a coworker - pause - recognize that you're feeling something and try to assess where they may be coming from beyond the current physical situation. 

We tend to focus on our physical health and well-being, which for some people causes a lot of anxiety about staying in shape or eating better. We forget in our busy lives that our mind is working twice as hard as we even realize, swirling with information and expectations.

Take ten minutes every day to sit with your own reflections, but customize the experience to what makes you happy and inspires you. Teas, comfort items, and aromatherapy can help to build these mental escapes. Use a guided meditation of you like them, or just let your mind comb through your stressors without distraction. 

Once we better understand how we interact with emotions, it becomes easier to develop the motivation need to become the better version of yourself. There is no right way to learn about your emotional well-being, but just being aware of it and reading this article is a small effort in the right direction. 

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