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I'd rather skinny dip than go swimsuit shopping

Posted by R S on

I have three swimsuits in my closet. Two of them are bikinis that were cute before the fabric stretched out 2 years ago. This year I fear that they might dissolve in the water. My other suit is a one-piece that I bought for swimming laps, it is perfectly functional but I would love for my torso to actually see some sun this summer.

I guess this is the year I have to buy a new swimsuit. Boo to that.

No ones likes to swimsuit shop (okay some of you do, and you need to stop showing off) and it’s mostly because of the mental turmoil it puts us through.
We know that we are going to face some rejection and some frustrations. Plus they are all so bloody expensive! I can’t afford $75 for two pieces of fabric.

My story is pretty short, I went to one changeroom before giving up.

It wasn’t disastrous or traumatizing, but I tried on one cute suit and stared at myself for 10 minutes trying to convince myself that because the butt and body fit, it was fine the boobs looked so weird.

I was so happy to have a mostly nice fit, that I was considering buying it. But my logic stepped in, and my wallet piped up, and they said no ma’am you are not buying a suit that you have to compromise for, and especially not for $60.

So I did something I have never tried before, and I have tried ordering online.

To me, this sounds crazy. How can I expect anything to fit by ordering online, when I can’t even find anything to fit when I have an armload full of bikinis in the changeroom?

But some trustworthy friends have recommended a site that seems like it may work... As of right now, my shipment is taking a suspiciously long time to deliver but I’m remaining hopeful. The sizing charts seemed spot on, so fingers crossed.

(will update when received)

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