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Procrastination: neither Jekyll nor Hyde are on my side.

Posted by R S on

My brain is my own worst enemy when it comes to being productive. My own personal Mr. Hyde is a version of myself that emerges to procrastinate and negotiate with my future self. What I've learned is that my future self can't negotiate back, and is always left with the worse end of the deal. Deciding to put off chores or postpone tasks seems rewarding in the moment but we pay for it when we are left facing those tasks later. 

My Dr. Jekyll is actually worst. Once the effect of Mr Hyde wears off and my motivation creeps back in, Dr. Jekyll returns but with fierce anxiety about the procrastination during my time as Mr. Hyde. This is the future self that never got a chance to negotiate and is now feeling overwhelmed with the tasks that have built up.

It can be paralyzing once this feeling of helplessness and drowning sets in. There aren't enough hours in the day to get what I need done, and the worst part is that it's my own fault. I put myself in this predicament, and now not only am I overwhelmed, but also feeling down for doing this to myself (again.)

This is not an easy habit to break. Teaching your brain to react to a stressor in a different way is very difficult and it takes a lot of time and personal understanding. Sometimes we can not dig up the motivation to carry out a task without some inspiration.

The first step is recognizing procrastinationI use essential oils that are invigorating for the mind when I start to feel the mental slump. The citrus or floral oils wake up my senses, and taking a few minutes to just breath and focus on myself can bring back the energy to my mental state. 

Find an inspiration that works for you. 

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