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where we began

We started this small business as a way to share essential oil blends with other stressed out and anxious babes. Since then our vision has shifted to include the talents of other local makers and our online store features a growing variety of products made in the Okanagan. We currently have a variety of products made by small businesses, such as bath bombs, all-natural soaps, scrunchies, wood signs and custom cutting boards, essential oil rollers, and macrame plant hangers. 

But HeadSpace Babes isn't about us, it's about the community that's growing around it. It's about the journey of self care, the magic of the moon, and it's about finding balance in this hectic world. If that resonates with you then welcome newest HeadSpace Babe, this space is for you xo

self care products handmade in the okanagan

where we began

Like many other traditional costumes of Vietnam, Non la has its own origin, coming from a legend related to the history of rice growing in Vietnam. The story is about a giant woman from the sky who has protected humankind from a deluge of rain. She wore a hat made of four round shaped leaves to guard against all the rain. After the Goddess was gone, Vietnamese built a temple to commemorate her as the Rain-shielding Goddess.

You may sometimes wonder where the moon came from. Was it a planet that traveled too close to Earth and was captured in our orbit? Actually, the prevailing theory of modern science is that the moon was the result of a large scale collision with the still developing Earth early in its development which caused this large “chuck” to spin off into an orbiting body. This explains the similarity in composition as has been confirmed by many of the moon exploratory space missions that were conducted by NASA.

what we believe in

Non la is made out of such simple and available materials as palm leaves, bark of Moc tree and bamboo. Non la is abundantly sold and there are many traditional villages where tourists can get high quality conical hats.

There is something about parenthood that gives us a sense of history and a deeply rooted desire to send on into the next generation the great things we have discovered about life. And part of that is the desire to instill in our children the love of science, of learning and particularly the love of nature. 

what you can expect

Vietnamese tried to make a hat modelling after the Goddess' by stitching together palm leaves, which is now known as Non la. The image of Non la has become strongly associated with peasant lives from the paddy field to boat men and women.

Your fascination with the universe and how to explore it as we so often do in the field of astronomy can be highly academic and dry as maybe it was if you took a course in astronomy. But when you get out there in the field at night, your equipment is just right and the night sky comes alive with activity, there is no other experience like it for majesty and pure excitement. And that is the kind of experience we want our children to come to love as much as we do.

who we are

Non la can serve numerous uses such as a personal sun proof, a basket for women going to market, a fan of a ploughman in hot summer days, or even a keepsake to memorize. The image of a young lady wearing Non la and Ao dai is a beautiful symbol of Vietnam.

It’s actually not a big jump from play to learning for children when it comes to learning about the natural world, science and astronomy. Exploration is a natural part of being a child and growing up in a fascinating world and universe. So if we can find ways to take that natural desire to explore and instill a life long passion for astronomy, we will have given our children a truly great gift.

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We offer shipping to all across Canada. Shipping is $2-4 for most orders, except for orders that contain soap which have a shipping rate of $15 due to the weight and dimensions.


We offer delivery to the surrounding areas for a $5 fee. Delivery area includes Lumby, Cherryville, Coldstream, Lavington, and Vernon. The delivery option will automatically be offered if your address is in the delivery area.


You can pickup your order for free at the Lumby Public Market, every Saturday from 9 am - 1 pm. Simply select pick up a checkout and then pick up your order on the following Saturday (or arrange for which Saturday you want to pick up.)