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Recharge Essential Oil Roller

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Bring some life back to your exhausted mind with the Recharge essential oil roller.
This mentally rejuvenating blend washes over your mind with waves of uplifting citrus and lush floral scents.
To use: roll the oils on your temples, neck, wrists (or anywhere!) and take a moment to recharge your mental state while you breath deeply and slowly. 
What's inside? 
Geranium essential oil  is great at busting stress, soothing nerves and  stimulates adrenal cortex, which helps in balancing hormonal activity. 
Rosemary essential oil   fights mental fatigue and  increases concentration by boosting mental activity.
Lemon essential oil  is calming in nature and helps in removing mental fatigue and exhaustion.
Jojoba Oil is super moisturizing and absorbs quickly into the skin so you aren't left feeling greasy. It's antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and perfect for all skin types.
The amber glass bottle is compact, and the stainless steel roller ball makes application easy and convenient. These products are all handmade, and the blends are inspired by our real life stress-relief needs.